Address Number Signs


In Derry Township, all houses MUST have a reflective sign stating their address number visible from the road to which they are located (i.e, a house with an address of "123 Main Street" must have a reflective sign that says "123" and that sign must be visible from Main Street) The following is the township ordinance regarding address signs, from the Derry Township website:

Township ordinances require that house numbers be displayed on houses.  Numbers must be reflective, at least four inches high, of a contrasting color and visible from the street. We ask residents to check and make sure the numbers may be seen from the street.  Apartment owners are asked to have numbers on each unit’s door.

Visible numbers are vital when there is an emergency call for fire, police or the ambulance service.  Trying to find the right house can cause a delay in providing emergency services.


All residents that are interested in ordering a Address Sign from our department need to fill out a order form below. After filling out the form you need to mail the form to:

Bradenville Volunteer Fire Department

PO Box 325
1310 High St.
Bradenville, PA  15620


Make sure a fields are filled out completely and payment also included in the envelope. After the department receives the order, the signs will be completed. A member of the department will contact you by phone to arrange a time to pickup the sign(s).

Address Sign Order Form

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