Online Application

Must be 18 years of age

Firefighter Job Description (Not All Inclusive)

  • Responds as a team to emergency situations, including building fires, vehicle fires, vehicle accidents, water rescue situations, hazardous materials incidents, and scenes of sick or injured individuals.
  • Performs tasks, with appropriate personal protective equipment, in immediatley dangerous to life and health enviroments.
  • Operates hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric powered equipment.
  • Uses hand tools, hoselines, and ladders.
  • Utilizes radio communication equipment.
  • Operates/drives fire apparatus.
  • Maitains apparatus and equipment.
  • Assists at department fundraising events.
  • Attends monthly training sessions.
  • Particitpates in state certified emergency service classes.

Application Process                                                                                                                               

  1. Submit a written or online application.
  2. Attend a meeting with a department representative.
  3. Have a criminal history background check performed.
  4. Have a motor vehicle background check performed.
  5. Be accepted by majority vote at a department meeting.
  6. Complete a medical physical performed by the departments physician. 


Date of Birth:
Street Address:
Zip Code:
Telephone Number:
Cellphone Number:
Email Address:
Drivers License Number:
Reason for Suspension:
List Any Emergency Service Experience/Training:
If you were/are a member of a fire department list the fire chiefs name and phone number:
List Highest Level of Education:
List Any Technical Hobbies/Skills You Posses:
Please List Any Criminal History:

I, having made application for membership with the Derry Township V.F.D. Co.#1 of Bradenville, understand that the D.T.V.F.D. desires to obtain information concerning my background, education and character in order to better ascertain my qualification for such membership.

I hereby authorize the Derry Township V.F.D. and/or their agent(s) on behalf of the Township of Derry to investigate and ascertain any and all information concerning my background and character which may be pertinent to my qualification for membership. I understand that the information may be obtained from any person, document, or other source within or outside the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

I hereby release all persons and the Township of Derry from any liability which might otherwise result from the release of said information to any authorized member of the Township of Derry and/or their agent(s). In consideration of this release, The Township of Derry and their agent(s) shall regard all information obtained as confidential.

I understand the same shall not be released to any individual or organization, including myself. I agree that the Township of Derry may admit this information into evidence in order to defend administrative or court proceeding which is initiated on my behalf.


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