The following information is regarding our department and the changes we are making in response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak. This information is regarding ONLY our department. 


Derry Township Community:
We would like to inform the community of our temporary response procedures changes. In response to the current state of concern with the outbreak of COVID-19 the department needed to change some of the ways we respond. For many years some services that we provided as a courtesy will need to be amended. This will allow to focus our manpower to emergency calls and protect the community/department members.
-Calls for service for flood basements will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Service will only be provided if it is causing a catastrophic risk to the residence. An example would be if the water level endangers the electrical panel to the residence.
-Other service calls to home will also be evaluated by a duty officer before any apparatus is sent to the seen.
These new changes will not affect EMERGENCY calls. We will continue to respond to all EMERGENCIES throughout the current events.
We do ask you if possible to have a representative meet us outside for any calls that require the department members to come into the house or business. A simple process of gathering information and asking the CDC risk questions will occur quickly. We do this as a precaution to protect you and our members from extra contact / exposure.
We as a department are prepared to help EMS crews within our community and have the necessary equipment to do so.
Any questions can be direct to the department phone (724-539-4158) or message the FB page.

Chief Mark Piantine Asst. Chief Nick Piantine
Captain Justin Horrell Captain Eric Bosco
Lt. Tim Stipcak Lt. Lindsay Piantine


All DTVFD of Bradenville buildings and property are closed to the public until further notice. No visitors will be permitted. In addition while on emergency calls please keep your distance and limit contact with any emergency personal including firefighters, EMS, Police, etc. unless needed. This is for the safety of you and the all first responders.

We have set in place protocols for response to help the community through this event. Guidelines have been adopted for the safety of everyone involved. Rest assured that members will respond to all alarms and emergencies as we always have.

If you need to contact the department for any non-emergency issues please call 724-539-4158 and leave a message. A department officer will get back to you when possible.


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

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